Baker Mckenzie Internship 2024

Baker McKenzie is a law firm known for its expertise in legal practices across numerous jurisdictions. Securing an internship at Baker McKenzie is a prestigious opportunity that offers insights into the legal profession, practical experience, and exposure to a diverse range of legal matters.

The internship at Baker McKenzie provides an environment where interns work with experienced lawyers and professionals on real cases and projects. Typically, the duration of the internship may vary, offering a span of weeks to months, during which interns engage in hands-on learning experiences.

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Interns at Baker McKenzie are exposed to a wide array of legal fields, such as corporate law, finance, litigation, intellectual property, tax law, and more. They may assist in legal research, drafting documents, attending meetings, and even participating in client interactions under the guidance of seasoned lawyers. This exposure enables interns to gain a comprehensive understanding of legal processes and practical applications.

Baker McKenzie provides interns with guidance and support from mentors who offer insights, advice, and feedback throughout the internship. This aspect helps interns navigate their responsibilities, gain clarity on complex legal issues, and develop crucial professional skills.

Interns are often exposed to the global nature of Baker McKenzie’s operations. They may have the chance to collaborate on international projects, gaining exposure to cross-border legal complexities, cultural diversity, and global business practices. This broadens their perspective and understanding of the interconnectedness of legal matters on a global scale.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


Interning at Baker McKenzie can be an enriching experience that offers valuable insights into the legal profession, an opportunity to work on impactful cases, and a chance to develop essential skills necessary for a successful career in law. The internship gives individuals practical knowledge, networks, and an understanding of the complexities within the legal field, preparing them for future endeavors in the legal profession.

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