Ceres Internships 2024 | Environmental Protection

Ceres is a sustainability nonprofit organization that has various internship opportunities aimed at cultivating the next generation of leaders committed to addressing pressing global sustainability challenges. Students can pursue Ceres’ mission while gaining insight into the world of sustainable business practices, climate change, and corporate sustainability.

Interns at Ceres have the chance to work with dedicated professionals in a nonprofit organization. The organization has internships in different departments, such as Corporate Governance, Water and Climate, Investor Network, Communications, and Policy.

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Internship Benefits:

In the Corporate Governance department, interns may work on research related to shareholder engagement, corporate responsibility, and sustainable governance practices. They could assist in analyzing company performance, drafting reports, or contributing to shareholder advocacy strategies.

The Water and Climate team focuses on water scarcity, climate change, and their impacts on businesses. Interns might support research initiatives, aid in the development of water risk assessment tools, or assist in creating educational materials to raise awareness about these critical issues.

The Investor Network team works with institutional investors to promote sustainable investment practices. Interns might assist in organizing events, conducting research on investor trends, or compiling resources to support responsible investment decision-making.

Interns in the Communications department may contribute to content creation, social media management, writing articles, or supporting media outreach efforts. This role plays a crucial part in spreading awareness about Ceres’ initiatives and the importance of sustainable practices.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


The Policy department focuses on advocating for policies that drive sustainable business practices and address climate change. Interns will in legislative research, track policy developments, or support advocacy efforts through various means.

Ceres internships provide a platform for individuals passionate about sustainability to gain practical experience, expand their network, and contribute meaningfully to a cause that impacts global change. Successful candidates often possess strong research, analytical, and communication skills, alongside a genuine commitment to sustainability and addressing climate-related challenges.

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