Chicago History Museum Internships 2024

The Chicago History Museum offers internship opportunities for students fervent about history, museum studies, education, and related fields. These internships provide experience, professional development, and a deep dive into the museum’s operations.

The Museum’s internship program is regale to students, recent graduates, and professionals seeking practical experience in a museum setting. With a focus on skills and knowledge, these internships are available across departments such as Education, Collections, Marketing, Exhibitions, Archives, Development, and more.

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Internship Upsides:

Interns working within the Education department actively engage in developing and executing educational programs. They assist in curriculum planning, lead tours, and create engaging activities for diverse audiences. This experience allows interns to refine their communication and educational skills while gaining insights into museum-based learning.

The Collections department offers internships focusing on cataloging, conservation, and preservation of historical artifacts. Interns may work closely with museum staff to document, research, and maintain the extensive collection. Through this experience, interns learn about proper handling and care of historical objects while contributing to the museum’s preservation efforts.

Marketing and Communications internships provide exposure to aspects of promoting the museum, including social media management, content creation, and public relations. Interns assist in crafting marketing strategies, executing campaigns, and analyzing audience engagement, gaining valuable insights into museum promotion techniques.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


Archives internships offer an opportunity to work with historical documents, photographs, and records. Interns assist in organizing, digitizing, and preserving archival materials, promoting the museum’s ongoing efforts to maintain and make historical resources accessible.

Interns in the Development department support fundraising initiatives, donor relations, and event planning. They see the operational aspects of a nonprofit institution, learning about donor stewardship and cultivation.

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