Danish Government Scholarship

Those students who are looking for scholarships are invited for the Danish Government Scholarship. Danish Government is providing an opportunity to international students to apply for Danish Government scholarships. In Fact, it is a fully-funded scholarship. Moreover, the scholarship provides students who want to pursue their Master’s degree in Denmark. Stay with you and find out everything about the Danish Government Scholarship. 

Danish Government Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship. All the international students from around the world are invited to apply for a Danish government scholarship. The scholarship will cover two parts of the studies. One for the tuition fee, and they will give the grant to complete the residential. The total amount of this scholarship is DKK 6090. 

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Regarding the University:

The scholarship is for the university of southern Denmark. Almost 30000 students are enrolled right now in the university of southern Denmark. The university was established in 1998. Moreover, there are more campuses in Denmark. They cover almost all the fields of study available in the world. The Danish government scholarship is for the university of southern Denmark. You will be delighted if you get it. 


  • Country: Denmark
  • University or Institution: University of Southern Denmark
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: Master Degree
  • Last Date to Apply: September 1, 2021

Courses Offered:

Two fields are offered for the danish government scholarship in the university of southern Denmark.

MSc in Engineering – Mechatronics 

MSc in Engineering – Electronics (S√łnderborg)

Quick Overview:

Danish government scholarship is highly recommended, as we already described. The Danish government scholarship is offering everything. This is a vital opportunity to pursue your Master’s at the university of southern Denmark. You have to enroll yourself in the application. The rest is this work. Keep on struggling for it, and you will get it. 

Eligibility Criteria:

It would be best if you had a relevant Bachelor’s degree.

To be admitted to a Master’s program, you must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree, professional Bachelor’s degree, or another degree on the same level. You can read about the specific requirements on the pages of each program.

When you apply for admission to a Master’s, only your Bachelor’s degree will be considered. If you have passed other degrees or courses after you completed your Bachelor’s, these will not be included in assessing whether you fulfill the entry requirements.

If you do not fulfill the entry requirements, you may be able to take supplementary courses.

Non-EU/EEA applicants

Applicants from non-EU / EEA countries without a Danish bachelor’s degree must submit their bachelor’s degree or official proof of university graduation.

The deadlines are May 15 for the September intake and December 1 for the February intake. 

Language requirements

When applying, you may have to prove your proficiency in English or Danish, depending on the language of instruction used in the applied program. You can read about the requirements here.

Fulfilling the requirements is no guarantee for admission.

There are a limited number of study places in the programs at the University of Southern Denmark. This means that you are not guaranteed a study place just because you fulfill the entry requirements. If there are more qualified applicants than study places, we select the applicants with the highest level of qualification. You will find the selection criteria listed on the pages of each program.

Already have a Master’s degree?

If you have already obtained a Master’s degree, you can only be admitted to a new program if there are vacant study places in the program.

How to Apply:

For the application criteria, please click on the link below


Last Date to Apply:

The last date of the danish government scholarship is September 01, 2021


Those students who will complete their Bachelor’s have a chance to avail themselves of this opportunity to study in one of the number one institutions. Countries like Denmark are known for their advanced and developed systems. You will be fortunate if you get admission to the university of southern Denmark. Please do your best in it and remember that struggle for every scholarship is essential. Without effort, there will be few chances to get the Danish government Scholarship. 

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