Eastdil Secured Internship 2024

Securing an internship at Eastdil Secured offers an exhilarating chance in the realm of real estate investment banking. The company’s exceptional expertise in investment sales, capital markets, debt advisory, and private equity creates an ideal environment to gather invaluable experience.

The drive to pursue an internship at Eastdil Secured stems from a profound passion for real estate and a strong fascination with the complex dynamics of financial markets. With a finance background and a keen interest in exploring where finance meets real estate, the goal was to apply acquired skills in a practical setting.

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Purpose Of The Program:

Eastdil Secured’s appeal lies in its reputation for pioneering deal structures, involvement in high-profile transactions, and commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients. Throughout the application process, the focus was on academic achievements, relevant coursework, and extracurricular activities that aligned with Eastdil Secured’s values and business principles.

This internship provides an unmatched opportunity to learn from industry experts and work on diverse projects spanning various aspects of real estate finance. The objective is to contribute to the company’s success by applying skills in financial analysis, market research, and client relations under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Beyond contributing to Eastdil Secured’s objectives, the goal is to expand industry connections and gain insights into emerging trends shaping the real estate sector. The intention is to proactively tackle challenges, adapt flexibly, and showcase resourcefulness while delivering significant results.

How To Apply:

Head to the designated website to enroll in this program officially.


This internship is seen as a crucial step toward building a prosperous career in real estate finance. The aspiration is to absorb knowledge, work with the firm, and build lasting relationships with mentors and colleagues at Eastdil Secured.

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