Emile Boutmy Scholarship Paris 2022

Emile Boutmy Scholarships scholarships are for those students who want to study in Europe. As you know that Europe is considered the best place for education in the world. Because the countries in Europe provide state of the art facilities for students which make the atmosphere very good for study.

If you see those people who study in Europe and then came back to their respective countries they are the pride of those nations. This is an opportunity want for you to do something in your life then this is a real opportunity for you.

Only Non-European students can take advantage of these scholarships by taking admission in Bachelor degree, Master’s Degree, and Post-Doctoral Degree.

Regarding The University

The institution that offers these scholarships is located in Paris which is the capital of France. Its name is Sciences Po University. The duration of a Bachelor’s Degree in this University is three years. During these three years, the institution provides education to approximately 14000 boys.

With this, the period of the Master’s Program is two years and the Ph.D. time is three years. Although this organization is in France if you want to be a scholarship holder you should be able to speak English. This is due to English is one of the most spoken languages throughout the Globe.

Quick Overview

Sciences Po University announces to give multiple scholarships for international students. The list of those scholarships is given below

Emile Boutmy Scholarship: For this scholarship, only those should apply which are applying for the first time.

Mastercard foundation scholarship: This scholarship is only available for African countries that are undeveloped countries.

Acceptability (Eligibility Criteria)

The students which are acceptable for this program should be the first-time applicant and their country should be a non- European Union State. The second is you have to stay there till Master’s Degree that is the criteria of the Sciences Po University for the scholarship.

Courses Offered

The Sciences Po University propose the following courses.

  • Management & Innovation
  • Public Affairs
  • International Affairs
  • Law
  • Doctoral
  • Urban 

Financial Details

Different scholarships contain separate fund coverage. You have to check the details on the official website which link we give below. But let me tell you this scholarship is not as you want this is only for your tuition fee staying there and all other expenditures the university is not responsible for those.

Last Date:

Those who want to apply for Bachelor’s Degree then should register themselves before 7 February 2021 as the last date is 6 February 2021.

How To Apply?

To apply for this scholarship visit Emile Boutmy Scholarships Sciences Po University.

Conclusive Comments

This is a very good chance to start your life in Europe. Everyone outside the EU wants to leave their country and to shit to Europe or the United States of America. If you want to take admission in Bachelor degree join the Sciences Po University of France.

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