Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Internship 2024

Lagniappe Wellness gives a dietetic internship program that provides dietitians with invaluable hands-on experience. This unique opportunity is created to foster growth and cultivate skills in a supportive environment.

The internship encompasses a diverse range of rotations, spanning clinical nutrition, community outreach, food service management, and more. Participants gain practical insight into various aspects of dietetics, preparing them for a successful career.

Supervised by registered dietitians, interns engage in real-world scenarios, honing their nutritional assessment abilities and patient counseling techniques. This exposure builds confidence and competence, translating theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.

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Internship Benefits:

Incorporating evidence-based practices, Lagniappe Wellness empowers interns to apply their learning in authentic settings. The program encourages critical thinking and problem-solving, enabling interns to adapt to dynamic situations in the field.

Through collaborative projects, interns develop teamwork and communication skills, crucial for effective dietetic practice. These initiatives often involve crafting educational materials or organizing health-related workshops for diverse populations.

Lagniappe Wellness values holistic health, and interns learn about the intersection of nutrition and overall well-being. This approach underscores the significance of personalized care, recognizing that each individual’s journey to health is unique.

Additionally, the internship encourages self-care and work-life balance, imparting the importance of well-being for both practitioners and clients. Interns explore stress management techniques to thrive in demanding professional roles.

Online Apply

To complete the application process via the Internet, use this provided link.


As interns conclude the program, they have not only accumulated valuable experience but have also forged lasting connections within the dietetic community. These relationships serve as a support network throughout their careers.

Lagniappe Wellness dietetic internship stands out due to its holistic approach, diverse rotations, evidence-based learning, and focus on practical skills. It is great for future dietitians to embark on a fulfilling journey in promoting health through nutrition.

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